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Lunch at the best restaurants in your neighborhood

MealPal is a fast growing startup based in Miami from the co-founder of ClassPass (GV, General Catalyst Partners). Alt Tab worked with MealPal to launch their Angular.JS based website, including customer signup, meal reservation and recurring billing. We continue to build awesome new features together and improve the customer experience.

Mary Biggins - Co-founder MealPal

Your daily dose of awesome

The Chive are a fast growing media empire providing a platform for users to discover fun and viral content. Alt Tab engineers are engaged on both web and mobile to help The Chive get awesome stuff done. The Chive are serious about engineering, and have daily video standups, follow best practices with agile and gitflow and Alt Tab are an integral part of getting this done.

Patrick Rogers - Project Manager The Chive
It was crucial for us to go live simultaneously on two
platforms. It was no issue for the Alt Tab team.
Nimrod Gorali Product Manager of Booodl

Personal, genuine local business recommendations

True Local is Australia’s largest business listing and recommendation website. Each day millions of users visit the site to find out about businesses they love. Alt Tab has put together a team of engineers to successfully launch their new iOS and Android apps and are in the middle of a massive rebuild of the website in Angular.JS with a team of some of the world’s best engineers!

Keith O’Brien & Loretta Cheng Head of Product & Digital Product Producer

Ready. Set. Goal.

New York based startup Gocus help sales teams achieve aggressive goals and hit targets. Alt Tab engineers have helped Gocus with their iOS and Android apps and now are working on a full rebuild of the web application. There are daily standups, ongoing Slack chats and use of Git to get things done in a remote and distributed way.

Levy Grunwald Co-founder

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